Mouse in House Productions is proud to present the 2012 festival run of our latest film, UNREMEMBERED. Written & Directed by Kelly Parslow.

Please direct questions about this film to:

Montreal World Film Festival - Official Selection

DC Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection

London Independent Film Festival - Official Selection

Portobello Film Festival (London) - Official Selection

Chesapeake Film Festival (by invitation) - Official Selection

Reverend Smith: David Manson
Gordon: Tim Heath
Reverend O'Keefe: Michael Coghlan
Mrs. Jones: Léonie Scott-Matthews
Godfry: Godfry Old
Lady One: Gillian Roy
Lady Two: Beryl Nesbitt
Lady Three: Vivienne Brown

Writer/Director: Kelly Parslow
Producer: Scott Bingham
Cinematographer: Laura Bellingham
1st Camera Assistant: Ben Banayo
1st Camera Assistant: Alison Lai
2nd Camera Assistant: Francesco Bori
Steadicam Operator: Doug Walshe
Location Sound: Chris Box
Location Sound: Jake Whitelee
Gaffer: Richard Thomas
Spark: Sinclair Akoto
Hair & Makup: Annabelle Miller
Hair & Makeup: Sally Alcot
Editor: Kelly Parslow
Data Wrangler: Francesco Bori
Digital Cinema Services: The Post Factory
Colourist: Michael Stirling
Sound Mix: Peter Hodges, AMPS
Post Production Producer: Sophie Black
Transportation Manager: Michael van Man
Production Equipment: Shoot Blue Hire
Production Equipment: Filmscape Media
Prop Hire: Stuar Learmonth & Co
Prop Hire: Men at Work

Music composed by Jeff Atmajian
Hymn performed by Godfry Old